Fofu = fear of fucking up.

I certainly suffer from it more than Fomo (fear of missing out).

In my last posted quote I ask the question what if you stopped wondering what you are doing wrong and instead asked what you are doing right. It’s something I can’t stop thinking about.

I have always been terrified of messing things up in my life. Of not doing the right thing. I mean I consciously know there really isn’t ever a “right” or a “wrong” but I still am afraid that I’ll screw things up.

And as I navigate my midlife crisis I’m becoming painfully aware that this fear of f-ing up stops me from fully living my life. I don’t make any big decisions, big or small, and just seem to be waiting for life to happen to me instead of me happening to it.

I guess me realizing this is my impetus to change the pattern. So how do I do it?

I suppose I will have to start with accepting that life is inherently messy no matter what. That my power lies in my decisions but it also lies in my reaction to things. Nothing holds power over you unless you let it. All of this is very fine and dandy to spout off about here but putting into practice might not be as easy. Or it can be. If I let it.

How do you deal with fofu? Or do you suffer more from fomo? Any words of wisdom you can share???

Now I guess it’s time to start making decisions and creating the life I’ve been waiting for. Oh boy…here we go!!!


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