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I, Wonder Craver

This is my first post ever and a very big deal for me. I’ve created a site from the blank page up without any tech expertise whatsoever and I’ve actually found the balls to start to share my writing and myself with the world. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of excitement and pride and it feels downright amazing. Humble amazing if that makes any sense. I’m grateful to everyone who’s patiently helped me get here and know that I still have so much to learn about how all of this works so please bear with me as I grow this little corner of the internet.

Moving on 🙂

I feel like it makes sense to have my first post be about how I choose the name, “Wonder Craver” because it came about in a bit of a magical way.

It has been quite the long process getting here and originally I had an entirely different name chosen. A name that shall remain un-named because I want to use it for something else. Let’s just say that it starts with “TAR”and it has has been dear to my heart for years until Wonder Craver came to me and I couldn’t decide which name I liked better.

One morning while driving to work I decided to ask the universe to give me a sign that would make it crystal clear which name to go with.

Now I’ve done this tons of times before, going to the universe for “help”, but I don’t feel like I get an answer a lot of the time. Sometimes I do and I’m beside myself with awe. It’s these moments that keep me trying to get this process nailed down.  But the “knock me over the head, the universe has answered” type thing is few and far between and most communication isn’t clear or consistent in any way. I’ve tried learning more about the process and different techniques. I get that everything is just energy and I love it when people refer to a feedback loop with the quantum field. That’s fascinating to me but sometimes obtuse. Pam Grout’s book “E-squared” is really interesting in that she talks about communicating with the universe in a fun, easy to understand way. She’s created  a bunch of experiments that have you consciously interact with the field of potentiality. Bottom line though is that even after all of my work and research I still get spotty results. Maybe there’s something in me that doesn’t really believe in this and that’s hampering my progress. I don’t know. I just can’t quit trying and won’t give up on the universe and just hope it won’t give up on me! The universe be like “get with the program already, Alison”.

But back to how I picked Wonder Craver…

There I was on my commute and I wasn’t getting an answer. No billboard that cleared things up, no song on the radio that settled the matter. I then remember thinking “just show me a TAR or a CRA on a license plate or something…that will be enough”. No dice.

Eventually I only had less that 5 minutes to get to work and I remember thinking differently than I usually do. Instead of fretting about the fact that I only have a few minutes to go and I’ll never get an answer I chose to be more optimistic about things. That time wasn’t up yet and there was still a chance that I’d get my answer. I kid you not, no less than 30 seconds after this thought I caught a glimpse of this…

I didn’t get a “CRA” I got a “CRAV”. Even better!!! And to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was more excited about. The fact that I got an answer or that it felt like the universe responded at all.

When I got to work I instantly gushed to my co-worker Jessica about it. She said that the sign had to have been for Crash Crawley’s, an indoor play center for kids and that “Crav” must have been from half the Crawley neon sign being burned out. Not only half the sign but half of the “w”. Pretty impressive work on the universe’s behalf she figured.

Of course the next day I had to go back and check things out for myself. Indeed the Crav was half of Crawley sign burned out. So random yet such a big deal to me!!! And please excuse the shoddy picture of the neon sign. I had to creep along the outside of Crash Crawley’s and stand awkwardly in the mud on the edge of a highway to get this. I didn’t intend to share it at the time and just wanted a souvenir for the awesome feeling of validation I had.

And that’s how I became I, Wonder Craver.

Now some people might think that I’m giving away my power and not making a decision. You might think I’m crazy. And that’s okay. I know I am crazy but I like to think more in a good kind of way not the bat shit crazy variety. Other people might do the same thing and totally get where I’m coming from.

Do you ever turn to the universe for help in making decisions? Do you feel like the universe responds?

Leave your comments below. I’d love to get your take on things.

For me, I guess what ultimately matters most is what I think.  And I believe that there are times when you make choices by yourself and then there are other times when you ask for back up and turn to a power bigger than yourself to guide you. Who’s to say which is more powerful?