In Words

My Take On Reiki

I got into Reiki so I could to learn how to work with energy more intentionally (which I did). I figured helping others would be a bonus byproduct (which it is).

But a big surprise for me has been that an important part of being a Reiki practitioner means committing to a daily practice of self-treatments. I already have quite the extensive daily “energy routine” but this has upped my game.

And I think it’s important to note that for me a treatment doesn’t necessarily mean healing. I think constantly needing healing can be a bit of a trap – like you get stuck thinking there’s always something wrong with you needing to be fixed.

Reiki is indeed a powerful healer when required but I also like to see it as being a balancer of energy which is something we should all do on the daily yet most of us aren’t taught to. And yes, some might see healing being equivalent to balancing but I see them as different – I categorize energy awareness/hygiene/sovereignty as being a thing unto itself.

Regardless, the beauty of Reiki energy is that that it will meet you wherever you are and cater to your specific needs whether it’s a healing, a balancing, a combo of the two, or something else that is beyond any conscious intention or understanding.

If you feel called to Reiki trust that it’s for a reason and all you need to do is be open to receive.