Spark – 1st edition e-book


A middle-grade fiction story for 8-12 year olds, the young at heart, & all those who have ever felt like like they have been afraid to be themselves and let their light shine.

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Spark is a quirky tale about a girl who starts to spark. Literally. Brief spurts of light emanate from her unpredictably. She had enough trouble making friends in the first place and Spark’s sparks just make matters worse. Little does she know that being accepted by the kids at school is the least of her problems as her light is very special and is being hunted by a force she could never have imagined.

Written as a “mashup” between a traditional book format and a screenplay, it’s a story that encourages self acceptance and the acceptance of unity in diversity – a beautiful theme for the times we’re moving into.

This is an e-book version of the 1st edition.

Note that when you order the e-book format you will receive a link to download the book up to 3 times.

The file is .epub which is an industry standard reflowable book format that adapts to different devices and screen sizes and works with most e-readers except Kindle. As of right now there will not be a Kindle version available.