Raising My Freak Flag

In my ‘About/Start Here’ section that you can find here I talk a little about me and Wonder Craver. Well get ready for it because today I’m going to let a wee bit more hang out about me today. I’m going to let my freak flag fly.

And let me just say how nerve wracking this is. I’m terrified of revealing who I am and what I believe in because I’ve been teased a lot about it in the past. I’ve been questioned relentlessly. But I am in my forties now so I feel like it’s time to stop being ashamed to share myself and my beliefs. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Perhaps this all will be a bit too much information but in the interest of being authentic and honest here goes…

  • I’m the girl who when I was in high school would sit at my bedroom at night and look up at the night sky trying to catch a glimpse of an alien spaceship.
  • I have an astrologer who I’ve seen for years and who I call my yoda. She is extraordinary and my life would not be the same without her. I also have met another astrologer a few years ago who is from Ireland and he has also become a source of solid, sage advice.
  • I’ve seen a past life therapist more than a few times over the years and I can’t tell you how weird but amazing this is.
  • I obviously believe in life after death. Reincarnation. And future lives. And parallel lives. It’s quite a can of worms.
  • Ghosts are a given. Spirit guides and ancestors too.
  • I’ve seen MANY psychics over the years to get guidance on things. Some were good. Some not so much. I think by now I have good psychic radar as to which ones to trust and which to not. I stopped seeing psychics as often though after I started my shamanic work. Which brings me to…
  • I’ve had the Munay Ki which is a Peruvian shamanic series of initiations. I met some amazing people during that time in my life who I still hold dear to my heart. And the bracelets I wear are actually a beaded watanas which reminds me of the work I did. Each bead on my bracelets has had a prayer blown into it and I just like reminding myself that life is so much more magical than we’ve been taught.
  • I see a tarot card reader/counselor quite a lot. She is a dear heart and I am so grateful to have had her counsel over the years.
  • I’m the one who goes to Ireland and sits under trees and is on the seriously look out for fairies. And I went to Ireland for the first time by recommendation of my tarot card reader. As one does.
  • My tarot card reader once recommended that I travel for as long as I could and I did. She sparked a series of self-created pilgrimages for me that started around 2012 that were nothing short of magical.
  • I have an extensive crystal collection.
  • I smudge myself with sage and palo santos daily. Mexican copal is something I love but don’t have as much of.
  • I believe in Atlantis and Lemuria and the fact that our human history is much different than what we’re taught in schools.
  • I suspect that we as humans are far more powerful than we know and love reading about the transfiguration of our species.
  • I believe in angels. How else would any of us live beyond the age of 3? This world is a death trap and I don’t believe we could survive it alone.
  • I frequently go to see someone whom I call my naturopath but I don’t think that’s her proper title. All I know is she talks to my body and whatever is bothering me is healed by her recommendations. She is fricking brilliant.
  • I have a dream journal and every morning I write down the dreams I’ve had in the night. They are a great teacher. Especially my theme dreams. Ever had the same dream over and over?
  • I don’t meditate or do yoga as often as I know I should.
  • I’m still single with no children and have never been married. I was engaged once but then I got disengaged and that’s a story for another time.

And there you have it. I think I’m done for now. That’s more than a few of the things about me and what I do in my life to give it depth and meaning and help me make sense of it all.

Does this make me a freak? No, I don’t think so. But some people might. I guess who’s to say that being a freak isn’t a bad thing?

And to be clear, all of the people I mention above I completely adore and I don’t see them as freaks at all. They all are professionals in their field. I feel they are the best at what they do and their work just isn’t necessarily in the mainstream or respected as much as it should be. My worrying about being seen as a freak doesn’t reflect on them at all. It reflects more on my insecurities. Because after revealing all of this I must admit that I still do have a healthy sense of skepticism about a lot of it. I half one foot in and one foot out half of the time. But I’ve come to realize that maybe this skepticism isn’t so much me not believing in all of these types of things but maybe it’s more about my fear of what people will think of what I believe that creates skepticism as a self defense mechanism. Ouch.

I’m interested to know how you choose to make sense of your life? Do you see astrologers, psychics, tarot card readers etc.? And are you afraid of sharing what you really believe? If so how do you deal with that? Do you keep your beliefs to yourself or are you balls out?

I’m just genuinely curious about how other people navigate this stuff and how they stay true to themselves.

Thanks for being here. It really means so much to me!



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