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The Cloud of Unknowing

Thanks to the pandemic I am experiencing a lot of unknowns. Many changes are going on for me. Some are choices I’m making on my own while others not so much. Not knowing how things are going to turn out has been a bumpy ride and ranged from being liberating to disconcerting to downright scary if I let it be. I’m going through my own personal “Cloud of Unknowing”. And no, I didn’t come up with that term. It comes from a 14th century English mysticism text that I’ve intended to read for years but that still sits beside my bed untouched.

Anyways, back to my situation. I know I’m not alone. Our world is full of unknowns right now – not knowing who or what to believe about the virus, about how it was and is being handled. It’s all so overwhelming. I mean I get that there will always be an element of mystery to this living your life thing but existing in the not known/unknown feels different. Like way less magical and way more anxiety inducing.

So the universe decided to “take me to school” during my quarantine and I’m grateful because I was  inspired by some awesome thinkers and ideas and had some pretty epic personal revelations. Like learning that living in the state of unknown doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That it’s actually a very powerful place to operate from because when you don’t know what is going to happen anything is possible. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “To create something new in our lives requires a series of daily steps into the unknown”. In fact he says living in the unknown is a skill you can develop (and I will talk a lot more about Dr. Joe soon).

Another spin on the unknown is from my beloved yoda/astrologer, Marielle Croft. Here’s what she has to say (and bear in mind she is very French): “How is the future after Covid-19? Well, even that can’t be predicted now. We are all facing the unknown. The best is to maintain balance with a loving heart, to trust our intuition to make the right choices in due time as the NEW REALITY reveals itself progressively. We cannot think about the future with the same mind patterns that have been familiar, accepted, and spontaneous up to now, because they belong to the time before 2020. A new mind and a new way to think and plan will be necessary and inevitable. How can we think now with the mind that will be required then? Impossible because we have not evolved to that place yet. That place will reveal itself progressively and we’ll adjust and adapt as we go. We need to trust ourself and be attentive”.

My takeaways from my quarantine class re: unknowns? Living in the unknown is a sweet spot. And sometimes you’re meant to not know so just trust yourself and trust the process and all will be revealed when it’s meant to.

I think I passed that test.


Don’t forget to click through to Resources where you can find the website info for Dr. Joe Dispenza, Marielle Croft, and all the other people and that have made an impact in my life.