Hi there! I’m Alison Holly Stephen aka Aliholly.

And this is alisonholly.com formerly known as wondercraver.com.

To be perfectly honest I’m not really sure how to introduce myself.

On paper I’m a blogger, almost podcaster, and screenwriter wannabe.

In essence, at the heart of the heart of my soul, I’m a seeker and a storyteller.

I might not know what I technically do but I sure as heck know why I do it…

I believe there’s so much more to life than meets the eye.

That the truth of life is bigger than we realize.

That we are far more magical and powerful than we could ever imagine.

And that we now find ourselves at a unique point in history where it is time to open our hearts, expand our consciousness, and be open to co-creating incredible possibilities for our future.

If you’ve found me on this wee corner of the internet then I suspect you’re like me. Somewhere on the awakening journey curious about learning and being more.

If so, welcome.

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