A little backstory on this website and the evolution of my work:

It all started with wondercraver.com.

My original vision for the site was for it to be a blog where I wondered what the heck this life is all about. Where I stoked a state of wonder, in awe of it all. I mostly ended up sharing personal experiences and at the end of the day what I shared didn’t feel very relevant.

When the pandemic happened a new vision for Wonder Craver emerged. It transitioned from me wanting to talk about things like my midlife crisis to our global crisis which felt way more important. I shared new perspectives on reality that I found fascinating and the work of people that have inspired me over the years

Then wondercraver.com evolved into alisonholly.com – a site that will be home to all the work I’ve done and all the work I feel called to do. So far this includes:

Wonder Craver/The Blog (which as of right now is an archive because I don’t contribute to it)

The Awakenizer Podcast

• and Spark, my first children’s book

No matter what I offer though the inspiration for it all remains the same…that there’s more to life than meets the eye. SO. MUCH. MORE.