A little backstory on me:

I’m a hugger of trees.

I take things to the gutter a lot.

I have a thing for sacred sites.

I love anything from the 80’s.

A little backstory on this website and the evolution of my work:

It started with a wee blog on wondercraver.com that has evolved into alisonholly.com – a site that is now the home to all of my work that has included my now retired podcast called The Awakenizer and 1:1 distance Reiki healings.

The Shop is where you can get my latest offering. Currently this includes my first book called Spark and 1:1 Private Frequency Baths.

I’m good for a diverse set of offerings, I know. I always thought I was just meant to be a writer but apparently the universe has more in store for me.

But regardless of whatever tool I feel called to a common theme in all of my work is that I believe we are living in an extraordinary time where we are awakening to knowing more about our world, more about who we are, and more about who we can be. And I’m here to support others however I feel called to in this process.