A little about my backstory…

I always knew that I wanted to work in film. Like ever since I saw Fantasia at the local legion when I was around 5 years old. I took Film Studies in University and then went to Film School and hustled hard after that to land a job which I eventually did. And I pretty much did the same thing for almost 25 years. My IMDB profile says it all. And I can’t believe I just typed “25 years”. Wow.

Anyways, I loved it at first, I mean it was what I always dreamed of doing, but after a while (not that long actually) I became disenchanted with it. I resented the long hours and the stress but I kept doing it because I was good at it. But as the wisdom goes: just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.

2020 was a “stick in the spokes” moment for me and after much deliberation I eventually decided to follow my dream of writing. Because back in film school I was writing and I was encouraged to do it but at the time I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say. Now I do. And when I think back over the years and wonder what it was that drew me to filmmaking it was really storytelling that captivated me. Not so much film per se.

So I’m taking a chance on me. Seeing what stories want me to be their teller. But I’m also open to other things I can’t anticipate and didn’t see coming. Like a podcast. I mean that came completely out of left field because I’m super shy and a hermit at heart.

A little more about this website and my why…

It all started with wondercraver.com. My original vision for the site was for it to be my place where I wondered what the heck this life is all about. Where I satiated the seeker in me and stoked a state of wonder, in awe of it all. No subject was too woo woo or too complicated – I was open to exploring topics ranging from fairies to quantum physics. But mostly I ended up sharing personal experiences.

When the global pandemic happened a new vision for Wonder Craver emerged. It transitioned from me wanting to talk about things like my midlife crisis to our global crisis. I shared new perspectives on reality that I found fascinating and the work of people that have inspired me over the years

Then wondercraver.com evolved into alisonholly.com. A site that will be home to all the work I’ve done and all the work I feel called to do. This includes:

Wonder Craver/The Blog (which as of right now is an archive because I don’t contribute to it)

The Awakenizer Podcast (for all those on their awakening journey to learn vicariously through mine)

• and Spark, my first children’s book (a very uniquely styled book that combines a traditional book structure with a screenplay format because I can’t shake my film roots)

No matter what I offer though the inspiration for it all remains the same…that there’s more to life than meets the eye. That we are far more powerful and magical than we realize and it’s time we awaken to the truth about who we are and the world around us so we can realize our true potential both as individuals and as a collective.