meet alison

A tree hugging, 80’s music loving, author, and giver of beautiful sound baths.

a little about me

I’m Alison Holly Stephen aka the Aliholly.

What else can I tell you about me? I’m based out of Vancouver, BC., Canada. I really dig crystals. And gongs. I take things to the gutter. A lot. And I refer to myself as a perma-pilgrim because I’m constantly seeking sacred sites and knowledge.

This website started as a wee blog called Wonder Craver and has evolved over the years with the projects I have worked on including my podcast called The Awakenizer, writing my first children’s book called Spark, and various Reiki offerings.

I sometimes get self-conscious because my work is diverse but then I remind myself to trust that it all serves a purpose whether I am conscious of it or not, that it all is medicine in one way or another. And I’m grateful that I allow myself to follow my dreams or rather what I feel is the call of my soul. It’s not always easy. Far from it! But I guess I wouldn’t have things any other way. Follow the call of your soul!!! It’s worth it.

what I believe


there’s more to our world + us

There’s so much more to the world than we realize and our reality is way weirder and more beautiful than we could ever imagine. So are we!



If we don’t know the true nature of who we are and the world around us then how can we optimize our well-being and live our highest potential and most beautiful life?


a shift of the ages

We are living in an important time where an old world is dying as a new world is birthing. Where we are being given a chance to step into new possibilities as a human collective but also in our personal lives.

a little about my work

All of my offerings, in one way or another, are intended to deeply support your well-being and also inspire your transformation so you can live your most beautiful and sacred life.


For the majority of my life I didn’t understand that I have an energetic field that encompasses my body. Better yet, that this energy isn’t just around me it is me. And because I didn’t now about it I didn’t take care of it. I know I’m not alone in not knowing this.

Sound, frequency, and vibration are wonderful ways to tend to your energy and are a powerful addition to your self-care rituals and to your life!

I currently offer Frequency Sound Baths and Micro-Retreats and I also am available for private bookings and events. To find find my bath and retreat offerings visit my shop and to find out more about booking me privately please message me telling me a bit about what it is you are looking for.


I am currently working on a brand new writing project. More info soon!!!

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