The short answer: A sound bath is where you are bathed in sound waves.

The longer answer: A sound bath is where you come to immerse yourself in sounds, frequencies, and vibrations created by the instruments that I play. These include crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drums, and more. There is nothing that you need to do except lie down and receive.

Sound baths are becoming more and more popular and you’ll find that each sound bath host will have their own style and approach.

PS. I call my baths “Frequency Sound Baths” not just “Sound Baths” straight up because it’s more than just sounds that you’re bathing in. In particular I also work with the frequencies of crystals and oils. I also see my baths as a combination of many things – they are a spa treatment, a healing, a ceremony, a meditation, and a journey.

There are so many ways of working with sound, frequency, and vibration and so, so many benefits!

I like to say that getting a treatment or having a bath at the most basic level is like getting a massage for your entire being. They are profoundly relaxing and restorative. But this is just scratching the surface of what is possible and working with sound, frequency, and vibration can be powerfully transformative and healing as well.

Check out this blog post that talks all about it. I also expand upon these benefits in another blog specifically on relaxation and another on energy balancing.

Not only do most of us not understand we are frequency beings and don’t know how to take care of ourselves as such, but we also are far more powerful than we realize and are able to influence our life and reality for more than we know.

With this in mind, I’ve created The Frequency Edit – a method to help you curate the frequencies in our life to optimize our health and well-being. Because as I  always love to say, when you change your frequency you change your life.

Read more about it on my blog.

And on February 3rd, 2024 I’m hosting The Frequency Edit workshop in Kitsilano, Vancouver. It’s a workshop/sound bath combo and will be a great opportunity to come experience the edit for yourself.

Have any more questions before checking out an event or treatment?