The Influence of Sound, Frequency, and Vibration

This footage is me pointing my camera down over my Himalayan singing bowl filled with water. Please excuse the noise of me shuffling and the little flecks of lint that flew off the mallet as I struck the bowl but it was hard to capture the effect of the sound and vibration on the water.

What I’m attempting to show is an example of cymatics – the study of patterns produced by sound, frequency, and vibration. Essentially sound made visible in matter. 

I’m particularly interested in how the cymatics produced by sound/frequency/vibration affects our bodies. We humans are made of up to 75% water which is a great conductor of sound so it undoubtedly affects our cells, organs, tissues etc. Exactly how does it affect us? I think it is in more ways than we realize but at its most basic I gather that the geometry of cymatics that sound creates helps to rearrange any dissonant patterns in our body/being into coherent ones. The theory being that dissonance = disease and coherence = health.

But just as sound/frequency/vibration from our outer environment impact us the sound/frequency/vibration that our physical body and entire being generates also impacts not only us but also our outer environment. For instance our thoughts and words are frequency and are influential on matter as shown by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who researched the effects of consciousness on water. His experiments involved exposing glasses of water to various words, pictures, and music and then freezing the water so he could examine the crystals under a microscope. A crude summary is that loving, good vibe thoughts created beautiful snowflake-like crystals while angry, low vibe thoughts didn’t create crystals at all and created ugly blobs of nothing really. 

The takeaway here? We are not just affected by sound, frequency, and vibration but we are also powerful generators of them as well. The more we realize this and the more intentional we can get with what we surround ourselves with and what we “broadcast”, the more we can transform our health and well-being.