On Crystals

During the last bath I held on Bowen I spoke about crystals and how I haven’t been giving them the credit they deserve. That my Frequency Sound Baths are called just that because they are a bath of many frequencies including crystals but that I’ve been making sound the star player. So this is me loving on crystals.

I started working with crystals long before I was working with sound. I’ve been learning about them and collecting them for years. They are a big part of my life but are second nature at this point in that I use them without really thinking about it. And why do I use them? Well each crystal has it’s own frequency/energetic signature and their energy and properties can support you with so many things. 

I wear crystals as jewelry or keep just them in my pockets. I also keep them around in my home especially gridding them (and if you don’t know what that is it simply means I place them around a space for specific purposes). 

I also use them in my baths. I grid the space to help with protection and keeping the vibe high. Also if you have been to one of my treatments or baths you know that you typically get a wee gift of a crystal that compliments the energy of the session.

My favorite crystal to use is clear quartz. Besides the fact that it’s sparkly and beautiful I love how it is programmable therefore super versatile. The frosted singing bowls I play are actually over 99% clear quartz that has been ground down and heated then put into a mould making essentially an upside down bell. They not only produce tones which can be relaxing and healing unto themselves but I see the crystal composition as an important element supporting whatever intention you set.

If you’re keen to bask in some crystalline sonic frequencies head on over to my shop to book yourself in.