What is the frequency of your nervous system?

I heard David Sereda mention this and I guess the bottom line is that if your nervous system is in coherence so is your life. And vice versa. If your nervous system is out of whack so too is your life.

I think all of our nervous systems are prone to taking a beating on the daily. It’s part of life in the world we live in. And personally, for me, I find that peri-menopause isn’t helping my situation. Needless to say I’m always looking for ways to calm my anxiety and regulate my system.

Legs up the wall (yoga pose) is a go to for me. Particularly at night. 

I’ve also read recently that your hair is an extension of your nervous system and to be very careful how you treat and care for it. Chemicals and heat are no bueno. I’ve already started using “clean” shampoo about a year ago so that’s a box checked and I’m also experimenting with using  even less heat on my hair which is hard because I don’t really do much to it to begin with.  

I obviously also use sound to help me soothe my nerves. Working with the gong is a great way to reset the nervous system. Jain Wells is a wealth of all things gong related and she recently posted a great video on this. And I like to use my other instruments as well to help myself (and others) get out of fight or flight and into a relaxed state.

If you want to experience how I use my instruments to achieve relaxation head over to my shop to book a bath and we’ll give your nervous system some love.