Relaxation +

A lot of the people attending my baths haven’t ever been to a sound bath before and this has forced me to get very clear about what exactly the baths are and what it is they actually do. And of course I’m only speaking for myself and my work because each host will have a different style and approach.

At the very basic level my Frequency Sound baths help you to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. This is the tangible benefit you can receive and is valuable in and of itself. I mean I think we all can use some serious time to chill out these days considering in the world we’re living in.

But relaxation is just one aspect of what the baths can do and it’s only scratching the surface of the benefits you can receive. Because when you really deeply relax your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and this allows your body to start healing what it needs to. I also like to think that your soul can start healing what it needs to as well.

You might not even be consciously aware of what if anything needs healing and that is okay. You just need to trust that you will get whatever it is you need exactly when you need it. Trust is a biggy. That and understanding that you are way more powerful than you realize. We all are.